Dimensional Store System In Apocalypse

Dimensional Store System In Apocalypse
Dimensional Store System In Apocalypse
Chinese Novel

Dimensional Store System In Apocalypse

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Terrorized by the Seed Crystal Virus outbreak, the dimension where Stein was created had its civilization destroyed. Once a world developed with technology as its core, now it was just a wilderness with remnants of tech that’s inedible.Unknown if it was a call of good or bad luck, Zhang Qin Feng was chosen as the one to bring life back to this lawless, desolated place.What can he do?How can it be done?For what purposes?Is it worth risking his life for?There’s no one to answer Zhang Qin Feng, as he was the only one with such a privilege. But he knew... That everything came with a price.“STEIN, Inventory!” Zhang Qin Feng grabbed the Phalanx X-02 that took four inventory spaces from his Dimensional Storage. Holding the pistol with both of his hands, he fired a shot accurately at one of the incoming zombie's head.


'STEIN, activate the Luna II for me, please.' said the person hiding behind the wall with a gun in his hand. About a week ago, he was still a nobody back in where he came. But right now, he's counted as a well-trained survivor.

[Luna II activated]

[A total of eleven targets is found. Proceed with care]

'Alright. Let's get rid of these things and return to the base.' the person stretched his neck slightly and proceed with caution.

The "things" he mentioned are a kind of walking corpse. Mainly known as a zombie from the blockbuster movies, games, and novels. But no matter how it was called, these things now exist all over the place.

If he was following the script from a movie, running away should be his first option. But unfortunately, for Zhang Qin Feng, the pay from hunting the zombies is more lucrative than working for a part-time job from where he came.


One week ago.

"Our company prefer somebody with more experience in the retail business. Sorry but you're rejected. We hope you have better luck on your interview with another company," a secretary with a tight pencil skirt and a loose blouse said.

"As it was a time for lunch break right now, please use the stairs when you're going down to the ground floor. The lift is reserved for staff only during the lunch break. Thank you for your kind understanding."

"Now, if you may excuse me," the secretary smiled and left Zhang Qin Feng outside of their department door.

Since there's nothing else for him to do except dragging himself down over ten floors worth of steps, Zhang Qin Feng pushed open the access door with a sour expression on his face.

"Damn! This is the fifteenth time I failed my interview! What kind of worker are you guys hiring anyway?" he yelled and kicked the wall hard to vent his anger.


"We're finished for today. Go home." Zhang Qin Feng's uncle said after he gave a piece of a hundred dollars note to him before telling him that's all for today.

"Uncle, this is too much…" Zhang Qin Feng tried to put the note back in his uncle's hand. But in exchange for his effort, he got a gentle smack on his forehead instead.

"We're uncle and nephew… So why are you being so calculative with me? You're like a son to me, so just take it and treat your friend some beer tonight. There's more work tomorrow as there will be more orders coming in."

"Just take it as a reward for working hard today." his uncle stretched his old and painful back as he turned around and getting ready to go upstairs.

"Then… I'll be leaving, uncle!" Zhang Qin Feng pocketed the hundred dollars note and prepared to leave.

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