Evil Husband, Glutton Wife: Buy Miss Piggy, Get Free Little Buns

Evil Husband, Glutton Wife: Buy Miss Piggy, Get Free Little Buns
Evil Husband, Glutton Wife: Buy Miss Piggy, Get Free Little Buns
Chinese Novel

Evil Husband, Glutton Wife: Buy Miss Piggy, Get Free Little Buns

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“Feng Tianyi! Your brother destroyed my Tang family! Is there anything good about your family?”“En. Can’t you see how our good looking genes are passed on to our children? As for the Feng family’s debt, I will pay you.” He said nonchalantly.Tang Moyu scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest.“How will you pay for it?”“How about I repay you with my body?”“...”So shameless!The man sitting on his wheelchair burst into a round of laughter seeing her ugly expression.“Miss Tang, it’s no point pretending you haven’t seen it since you practically climbed on my bed and took advantage of me.”Five years ago, Tang Moyu was the empress of the business world and was at the peak of her career before she was reduced to nothing when her fiance fell in love with another woman. That was okay since there was no love between her and Feng Tianhua, but who would have thought that this ‘Cinderella’ was a wolf in sheep’s clothing?Then there’s Feng Tianyi, the infamous successor of the Feng family, a critically acclaimed author who constantly rocked the bestselling list with his books. Rumors say that he was hot-headed and temperamental. He was so ruthless, that neither men nor women wanted his company. The rumors even say that his face was so handsome and out of this world. He was practically a god amongst men. It was a pity that he was crippled.The two were never meant to meet again, but a pair of sweet little buns intervened.“Uncle, we don’t have money to pay you for damages.” The elder Little Bun said.“My manuscripts are invaluable,” This handsome uncle replied with amusement.“Uncle, if you don’t mind, can we pay with our Mommy? She’s also invaluable.”And so the pair of sweet little buns and the handsome uncle entered an agreement but who would have thought that the woman in question was an ice-cold queen from hell who had a weird affinity with sweets?


The words that came from Feng Tianhua's lips broke Tang Moyu's heart into several million pieces. She knew he didn't feel anything for her, but why did her heart ache?

This wasn't the first time he berated her, but what he said tonight was incomparable to those mean words he spat in her face before.

Who was Tang Moyu? She was Feng Tianhua's fiancée, but she was also nothing but a joke right now.

Feng Tianhua burst in at a party she was hosting in a rented mansion near the Tang's and confronted her. He squeezed her throat painfully and asked her, "Did you push Xing Yiyue down the stairs? I didn't know that you're a vicious woman, Tang Moyu."

Of course, she denied his accusations. How could she possibly hurt Xing Yiyue when she had tried her best to avoid his woman.

"I didn't push her down the stairs. Don't accuse me without proof, Feng Tianhua!" She was struggling to free herself from his hold and tried to ignore how everyone around them was gossiping.


Xing Yiyue was a B-rated actress who managed to smitten Feng Tianhua after he rescued her from a sexual assault. Their first meeting was then followed by several coincidences that led to a romantic interest between Feng Tianhua and Xing Yiyue.

Tang Moyu had met the woman several times, but she treated her with indifference and kept a safe distance from her. Even though she was aware that her fiance was foolishly in love with another woman, Tang Moyu had long prepared herself for this.

She might not have experienced a romantic relationship in her life, but she could tell that the two were head over heels for each other.

"You might be his wife, but you cannot be his lover," her mother had once told her.

"Is that really alright, Mother?" Young Tang Moyu asked. She was confused as to why people marry for business or politics and not for love.


Tang Moyu knew that her best friend, Li Meilin would never sell her out, unless there was a person who'd been aware of the fateful night she had spent with a stranger.

Her memories of that night might not be clear, but she could recall fragments of what had happened before she lost her consciousness.

The bar inside the hotel was filled with patrons and guests. It was lively as expected, but Tang Moyu and her team waited for Feng Tianhua to arrive with their VIP guests that night.

On the stage, women were doing sexy dances. The music was loud and Tang Moyu had a deep frown on her face, annoyed that she needed to spend time at this place.

The only people who could enter this place were either those from rich families or celebrities who didn't care about throwing money from their own pockets.

Although she appeared calm and collected, she couldn't wait to end this charade and retire for the night. Tang Moyu pushed the bridge of her glasses up and looked at the group of men coming her way. She stood up once she spotted Feng Tianhua with them but she caught sight of Xing Yiyue following behind him.

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