Hellbound With You

Hellbound With You

Hellbound With You

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“I love you, despite the danger signs.” ... “Let me tell you this. You’re standing before the gates of hell right now. Doing this means ruining your life. Are you ready to step down to hell with me?” his eyes blazed. A warning was burning within it and Abigail knew he was more than serious and that the danger was real, but… every time she thought about her future, was there anything scarier to her at this point? Wasn’t she looking for something like this? For a man like this? As the silence dragged on, the man’s lips curved up into a triumphant, mocking smile and his hand landed on her head. He ruffled her hair and leaned in on her. “Hell is not a good place, at least for a little lamb like you. I’m sure you’re aware of that. Now run away while this demon king is still being nice and calm.” He whispered. And then, he turned to leave, so casually, as if nothing just happened. But after three steps, the girl stopped him again. “The hell you’re talking about...” she mumbled, “I… I’d like to see it for myself… Take me there.” ... Abigail is a beautiful oh-so-innocent lady. She is kind and well mannered but she is terminally ill. She knows she will die soon so before she dies, she wants to fulfill her one and only wish - to fall in love. She wants to experience loving someone romantically. But under one strange condition- she wants a man who will not fall in love with her because she doesn’t want him to suffer when she’s gone. She met Alexander Qin, the coldhearted and mysterious man. He warns her from the start that he doesn’t do love and that he is dangerous. But that made him the perfect man for Abigail. He was exactly the kind of man she was looking for. Alexander will start to teach the innocent Abigail about his kind of pleasure while Abigail will show him the joy of doing simple things in life. Their completely different worlds collide, Abi’s illness and the mysteries about Alexander will slowly be revealed. Can Abi handle his own kind of hell? Can Alex handle her light? ... He handed her an egg-shaped, pink vibrator and then returned to his spot. The girl blinked again as she examined, with deep curiosity, the pink egg-shaped thing in her hand. “Don’t make me wait. Put it inside,” the man ordered and Abi swallowed. Abi had no idea whatsoever as to what this thing was. She had never seen anything like this before. She wanted to ask him what this thing was and what he meant by ’put it inside’ but the man was so serious, she was afraid she’d fail the test if she showed him that she didn’t even know what this was. “Is this clean?” was what she asked instead and the man half-smiled. “It. Is. Very. Clean.” He stressed out every word. Still unsure about what to do, Abi hesitantly looked at him and then in the next second, she put it inside her mouth.


"Mr. Qin, I really love you!!!" a woman's voice echoed in the dimly lit, cold concrete underground garage, startling Abigail that her phone almost fell from her hand.

She was just on her way towards her parked car but who would have thought that she would witness a confession in this dark, cold place?

"What did you say?" Abigail heard a cold, husky and deep voice and she flinched even though she was not the one the man was talking to. Perhaps, she reacted like that because the man sounded so damn intimidating. His tone even seemed heartlessly cold. What seemed like a romantic confession, sounded more like a misunderstanding!

"I said I love you," Abigail heard the woman's voice again, "I love you so much! I already fell for you the first time I saw you." The woman sounded very emotional.

Abigail held her breath waiting for his response, but only silence followed. She wanted to peek but she thought it was not the right thing to do. She waited until finally, she heard the man's reply.

"Is that all?" was all he responded causing Abigail to gasp in disbelief.

'Wah… he's so cruel.'

"W-what?" the woman sounded like she was utterly shocked.

"Tell me, what do you want?"

"I… I've been in love with you since the beginning. I've been your girl for two months now but you have never said anything about how you feel about me. Mr. Qin, I… all I want is… I just want you to love me back."

Abigail could tell from the voice of the lady that she was at the verge of breaking down, and yet, the man's voice didn't soften even a little bit after hearing her. Instead, he sounded even more menacing as he responded to her.


Abigail knew she sounded like a mad woman.

"You're crazy, Abi," a whisper in her head told her but the oddest thing was that she didn't feel it. She was totally sane and completely clearheaded.

This was the most daring thing she had ever done in her life and the most terrifying, too. Yet, she was calmer than ever; more certain about this than anything else.

The man directed a gaze of disbelief at her. His eyes pierced through her as if he was trying to pry into her soul, but when he saw the unwavering look in her eyes, he shook his head.

He failed to understand this little fragile creature before him. Everyone yearned for heaven, yet this girl wished to experience hell? He was simply stupefied. This little girl might be the most intriguing person he'd ever met.

"Yellow, what's your name?" he finally asked.

"Abi… Abigail Chen."

"Abigail…" he echoed her name as he fiddled her yellow scarf again. Her name on his lips sounded so nice.

He seemed to be thinking about something as he looked into her eyes again before a wicked, devastating smile appeared on his glorious face.

"Sorry but…" he started as his gaze once again traveled from her head down to her to toes. "I'm not interested in unattractive girls."

His comment, and that playful smirk on his face aggravated her. She was usually unaffected by these kinds of judgmental comments that boys and girls often threw at her. She simply didn't care what they said about her looks but why was it that this man's comment riled her up this much?


As she left the city, Abigail's mind began to wander.

She was already twenty-two and still never had a boyfriend. She grew up within a peaceful, loving family and she had grown up into a really good girl. Some even compared her to an untainted snow, well-mannered and pure, but most mocked her, calling her, Miss goody-two-shoes or little Miss Priss.

As she was growing up, Abigail had gotten used to other people mocking her but her grandparents always encouraged and advised her to not let the water around her enter her ship, otherwise, she would drown. She had been raised to keep a positive mindset and she herself decided that there was no way she would let those kinds of people drown her.

She had a reason for why she had never had a boyfriend in her twenty-two years of existence. When she was seventeen, she realized that she had developed a trauma – she was afraid of having someone fall in love with her.

Abigail had witnessed just how much her father suffered day by day, even years after her mother died. It was unbearable for her to even watch him. Her father loved her mother so much that even after nearly two decades her death, she still saw her dad crying at night, looking at his wife's photo. She had seen just how painful it was to lose someone you loved through her father – it was nothing but torture. She even once heard her father saying that he didn't feel alive anymore since that day her mother died. She knew that her father was only holding on because of her.

Years after her mother's death, Abigail was diagnosed with the same illness that killed her mother. It appeared that she inherited the illness from her and since then, she'd been battling with it. She was only seventeen that time and she knew that just like her mother, she only had 5 more years to live.

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