Only Sense Online

Only Sense Online
Only Sense Online
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Only Sense Online

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Yun is a novice MMO player who equipped only unpopular skills labelled as garbage. However, soon after the official launch of the game, the NPC stopped to sell Recovery Potion. Everyone finally started to notice the importance of Support Magic and Items. And that spells trouble for Yun as well as all the support-based players. They received orders for recovery potion from endless flood of players en masse, some more aggressive players even go as far as forcing the support players to be their personal craftsman. In order to prevent this from going out of hands, all the support players grouped together to form a community to keep things in order.


It was eight o'clock in the morning. Miu fidgeted, as she was eating toast for breakfast.

"Hey, why are you being so restless. It's going to start at eleven o'clock right?"

"Yup. That's why make an early lunch please, and we have a gaming marathon afterwards."

"Rejected. We're going to have a proper meal at twelve o'clock. Also, we're not going to spend that much time playing."

Hearing my serious declaration my little sister let out a *booo—* in complaint.

I thought of saying 'you should at least help out with housework during summer holidays, but after considering that she only would get in my way I remained silent.


The next day I logged-in in the afternoon. Why you ask? Of course that's because I needed to go out and buy ingredients for meals, clean, do the laundry and spend time to prepare meals in the morning.

Since I too wanted time to play the game, the lunch was curry with summer vegetables. The same menu was for dinner, but I won't listen to anyone's complaints.

"Onii-chan, after I leveled up my 【Sword】 Sense 【One Handed Sword】 was derived from it!"

"Hee, good for you."

"Also, I found a new friend. The girl I met this time is very cute and polite."

"…is that so."


After I remembered just how fun was it to hunt with Taku's party, I thought, how about hunting with a different party——but there was none to join.

Sadly, I didn't have the courage to invite anyone.

Taku and Myu said 『"Try making ties with some people by yourself at first"』. For Onii-chan to be told that by his little sister, it was a surprise.

Not organizing parties with anyone else, I diligently continued to collect as if it was my life's work.

Speaking of other players, among the large amount of players who were dissatisfied with the lack of potions, there were some who thought of seizing this business opportunity.

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