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Rebuild World
Rebuild World
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Rebuild World

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Akira, was born in the slum and wishes to get out but the only way he could was to risk his life in these ruins as a hunter. These ruins, known as the Old World, were danger zones where beasts roam; buildings crumble, and other humans hunt their own… Though Akira had expected to face death countless times there, he had never expected to meet a naked woman there. Standing exposed with her curvaceous curves and bosom out for all to admire, Alpha, the breathtaking beauty stood there, looking back at him. This mysterious enchantress walked towards Akira and…


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A young boy walked through the ruins of a vast city with a stern expression. In his surroundings, there were buildings in partial ruins. Fragments of the buildings were scattered all around and not a single soul was in sight. The sound of the boy’s footsteps and the rocks that were crunched under his feet echoed throughout the ruins.


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After he got away from the monsters, Akira let out a sigh of relief. Then Alpha laughed proudly as she said.

“How was that? I gave good support, didn’t I?”

“Y-Yeah, I was saved because of that. Thanks.”

As he tried to calm himself down, Akira thought of everything that just happened. The leftover thrill and adrenaline rush from the monsters’ attack, his screaming lungs as he was short of breath since he was running around like crazy; the wariness toward the unknown girl, and the feeling of gratitude after he was saved by her. All of these feelings and sensations pooled into one as he made a mixed expression.


The slum extends from the outskirts of Kugamayama City and it sits right next to the wasteland. It’s a place riddled with crime and bad economy, and not to mention the monsters roaming close to the edges, and the bandits prowling in the inside for weak people. It’s basically a garbage dump for the city. So, Akira decided to be a Hunter in order to get away from such a place.

As Akira walked through the familiar road of the slums with Alpha, it reminded him just how strange this Alpha was. A refined facial feature with shiny and lustrous hair. Silky skin paired with a developed body highlighted by her tight sexy dress. Alpha is a being that would tempt any member of the opposite sex. It was just out of place that such a being did not attract any attention.

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