Seoul Station's Necromancer

Seoul Station's Necromancer

Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Necromancer girl Nene and her best friend Rose were betrayed by the heroes during war with the demon. They were used as decoy so the heroes could escape. Caught in a dilemma, Rose protect Nene from demon and burned into nothing. In despair, Nene decided to use necromancer’s forbidden magic to return to two years ago. To get revenge on the hero’s party who betray her, and above all, to save her best friend. Nene who successfully return to two years ago immediately left the hero’s party and decided to live the life of “second playtrough”. With undead girl which Nene resurrected, Fran, and Rose who just met Nene for the first time in this world, the curtain of the girls’ strongest second playtrough is open!


(TLN: Just a little warning. There are a lot of swearing in this chapter.)

His body was surrounded by light that flowed out from the Dimensional Administrator. His entire body was broken down at the cellular level, and then he felt the curious experience of his cells dispersing as the darkness found him.

He was in a faraway place, where he almost forgot about time. He tried hard but was barely able to hold onto his consciousness.

‘Gang-woojin! Wake up.’

He didn’t know how much time had passed, but light grew from the darkness. The light approached him, and he was swallowed by it. Then, the world became bright and the smell of trash filled him.


The bullies coughed several times. They stealthily got up, then they hurriedly ran away after surveying the situation. Woojin thought about chasing after them. However, he didn’t have any reasons to do so, therefore he left them alone.

“Th..thank you very much.”

As Do-jaemin approached him, he bowed his head. This strange person was wearing weird clothes, but he had helped Jaemin.

“Ah, it is nothing. However, let me ask you a question.”

Jaemin had started to come up with a story when he heard Woojin’s words. Since he had rescued a kid from being beaten by bullies, he thought he would ask a question like ‘Why were they hitting you?’.


“Ha. This dungeon is a real dungeon?

He thought it was a slang, but it didn’t seem like it.

His head throbbed, so he pressed his hand onto his temple.

Woojin let out a sigh then he sorted through the message in front of his eyes.

<This dungeon has already been captured. The basic monsters will be summoned.>

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