Stealing Spree

Stealing Spree
Stealing Spree
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Stealing Spree

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Note: There's no magic in this novel. This was previously in the Realistic Fiction genre but it's not included in the choices. So I picked the closest one to it.Onoda Ruki is just your ordinary high school student. He strived for being the Classmate A who's unimportant to the story.Despite being the Classmate A. Onoda has a secret desire which he always had ever since young and that was to steal each and every girl from their guy.Join him as he entered his high school days as he conquer and steal every girl he sets his eyes on. And along the way, the growth in his character and those around him.


I could be what you called an ordinary student. Or on anime terms, the Classmate A. I have neither the attention nor popularity. But despite that, I'm not one of those weak people that was always a target for the bullies. If I can explain it clearly, I am part of the peanut gallery.

Here in the classroom, there are those main characters such as the Class Couple, the Top 1, the Class President, the Class Idol, the Class Hunk and so on and so forth. Every day will be filled with events surrounding them. I may or may not be implicated by it but I don't mind. I never really had a desire to stand out. It's fine to be the Classmate A. Being Classmate A helped me a lot to avoid unnecessary troubles.

But despite being the Classmate A, I have a secret desire that no one knew. Since I was a kid, I have this indescribable urge to steal. Well not to steal things, but to steal someone from another. Not that I keep someone I stole for long though, much less is it known by the person I stole from so before that happens I usually give them back once I grew bored.


"Kana, I can't wait anymore. We're already dating for a year." The guy said, his face couldn't contain his desire to take the girl.

Looks like this will be their first time. But still, even when she those words earlier. I could see from her face that she also wanted this to happen.

However, I won't let you.

I clenched my hand and without holding back, I slammed it on the door.



The agitated voice of the boy rang almost instantly as soon as the banging sound reached them. They're surely surprised by that so I quietly hid in a corner.


I didn't waste time when I saw that. Looking at her cherry-coloured lips, I unhesitatingly kiss it, covering it with my lips and suck on it.

Though she's not responding to my kiss. She's trembling more at my kiss. Her hands were clenched tightly at her side. Her lips taste sweet. It tastes like the bread we were eating. I continue kissing her, moving my lips, sucking the lower then changing to her upper lips.

My hand that's on her waist held onto it tighter while pulling her closer. I wonder what that Kenji guy would think. Her girlfriend is now here with me. Allowing herself to be kissed by someone she only met yesterday. Someone who took their erotic picture and used it to get her number.

Ah, this excitement. This is what I want. I can once again feel the reaction on my lower body. I'm thinking to get her hand and put it on top of it but it's too early. I need more time.

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