Super Necromancer System

Super Necromancer System
Super Necromancer System
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Super Necromancer System

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In a world full of caped superheroes, supervillains, and monsters, Aldrich is worthless. 95% of humanity has evolved to develop superpowers, but Aldrich is one of the rare few that has no powers at all.Because of his lack of powers, Aldrich suffers relentless bullying and discrimination. Society looks down on him as a burden. He is reminded everyday that he is better off dead than alive.Yet one day, at the height of his despair, after Aldrich is spat on, beaten, and broken, when it seems like everything is taken from him, a familiar screen appears in front of him: a screen from his favorite fantasy role playing game giving him the chance to wield the power he has only ever dreamed of.[Welcome, Host. Choose your Class:]


It happened right at the start of the year 2001.

Right on dot with the clock striking midnight and heralding not just a new year, but a new century and a new millennium.

Huge crowds gathered across the world to celebrate modern human history graduating to this new age.

It was a time of new beginnings.

And a time of new disasters.

Something, even now, nobody really knows how it happened or what it was, but something came from space.

Not aliens, nothing as dramatic as that. Something far, far less personal. At least, if it was aliens, then humanity could have rallied together. Maybe they could have brought their scattered pieces, all their different ideals and borders and peoples, together to make something whole if only there was some definite target they could see and hate together properly.

But whatever happened on this new year, well, there was no rhyme or reason for it.

It was just pure chance. Pure chaos.

The incident known as the Altering.


When Aldrich was a child, he always dreamed about being a hero. It was a thoroughly uninspired dream considering basically every single kid ever thought about being a hero at some point. Largely unsurprising considering that it was practically impossible to escape hearing about heroes in this day and age of hero worship.

Aldrich heard about a thousand different bedtime tales about how the great hero Vanguard vanquished villainy with his invincible fists, saving countless lives as he ended the Age of Villainy.

When he grew older, he constantly saw heroes on the telescreen with their colorful costumes and capes and big muscles and big smiles. He saw as the heroes carried people out of burning buildings and when scary Variants showed up, how they swooped in to beat the monsters down and save the day.

Heroes popped up in holographic or talk shows or social media or streaming sites - anywhere they could get exposure, they got it.

But most importantly, Aldrich wanted to be a hero because of his parents.

They were both heroes, though not particularly famous ones. His dad could shoot flames from his hands, and though he could light up a car or melt through a wall, he wasn't anything like the bigshot heroes like Blue-Blaze who could melt building sized Variants into ash in seconds.

Aldrich's mother was the exact opposite of his father, being able to control water, though again, just like his dad, not to any super notable degree.


Today was the big day.

The day that Aldrich would leave for Blackwater Academy, the very first step of a long and no doubt hard journey to avenge his parents.

Aldrich woke up at five thirty in the morning, thirty minutes before an officer was scheduled to pick him up.

Precisely as the clock struck six, an academy officer showed up to his apartment door, making his presence obviously known by slamming his fist into the door several times in what was the most violent knock Aldrich had ever heard before.

Aldrich was ready and packed. His apartment, the house had had lived in for his whole life, was cleaned out to complete emptiness, ready for another renter to move in. Blackwater would provide food and board for the four years it took to graduate, so what he packed was mostly personal stuff that had some kind of emotional weight to them.

Memorabilia from his late parents that included a family picture with Aldrich and some trinkets from their hero costumes. His birthday letter that had gotten him to get into this academy in the first place. Also his personal gaming rig that he sometimes used to destress after training.

There was a small collection of games on the rig, mostly solo RPGs because Aldrich did not really like playing online and interacting with random people online. Among the RPGs he played, there was one in particular that was his favorite.

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