The Demon's Bride

The Demon's Bride

The Demon's Bride

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*Slow Burn Historical Fantasy Novel*Elise had about to change into the dress that was lying on the corner of her bed when she heard a knock lightly calling from her door. Curious, she turned the door knob only to have a tall man towering in front of her.“Master Ian!” She called.Ian smiled with the usual mischievous smirk that he always used. His crimson eyes trailing a little over her room and spotted the black dress over her bed and shifted his eyes over to the woman in front of him. He stepped forward and spoke. “Where did you acquire that dress?”“Mr. Harland gave it to me.” Elise replied and strained her neck to see Ian’s brows knitted in its elegance.“Do you know why a man would love to give a woman a dress?” He gave the riddle that she always had to think twice before replying. But this time, she found no answer and instead shook her head. “I don’t know.”His grin grew bewitching as though something had stirred deep inside the scarlet eyes that he had. He slowly slid his hand over the collar of her dress, sending a cold shiver that startled her for a moment due to its freezing temperature. After unbuttoning the first two buttons on her collar, he tilted his head down, whispering to her ears. “Because they want to be the one to undress the cloth.”He paused and kissed her neck, turning the pale skin to red before retracting his move to fix his eyes on her and leisurely replied. “Unfortunately, you can’t wear the dress over there with this.” He chuckled and passed a box over to her hand. “And the fortunate news is I prepared a dress for you.”Elise was a cursed little girl who could see ghosts. Her family hated her and threw her from one adoptive family to another. However, misfortune didn't act alone. When she was brought up by her aunt, she was sold as a slave. When she had thought she would become nothing but a sacrifice to the sorcerer, she was saved by a man whose identity was far different than a normal mythical being.


Mythical beings have co-existed with humans for more than a thousand and a half years. They were viewed conflictingly from one eye to another. Some agreed to co-exist with them but some want to have nothing with them. And in a small village in Runalia where only humans lived, the night came around again.

Breeze wind playfully blew over the trees and the golden Moon shone upon the dark bringing the shadow to the people and her surroundings into a terrifying figure in the little girl's eyes. The moon was wide, she could never understand why it only appeared when the sky turned dark or why it always followed her even though it didn't move.

Today, the night felt even frightening than usual, perhaps it was because of the fact that her aunt brought her out in the middle of the night. A young girl like her, couldn't understand the reason but she was more sensitive to the hampering future. She shifted her gaze from the moon, looking at the run down carriage with a separate container at the back that was covered with a white tent made out of a sack.


The woman felt insensitive for asking such a question to the girl and continued. "Of course, you wouldn't be alright. Sorry, that was dense of me. However, it's better for you not to cry aloud, or else those evil men from before would come back with punishments."

The girl nodded her head vigorously and pursed her lips. Her last wish was to be whipped by those men's whip. Once her uncle once also beat her with a horsewhip and she would rather do anything than getting the same pain on her back.

"I'm Arian, what's your name girl?" The woman spoke gently, not wanting to frighten the girl who looked very fraul at rhe moment.

"I- My na-" The girl covered her chapped lips and coughed a few times in succession. Her throat felt dried up as though sands were stuck in between when she tried to speak.


Elise took the old bucket, filling it with water and poured it atop her head. Splash, splash, splash, the water droplets dripped down from the ends of her sunset hair to the ground bellow.

Splashing water over herself thrice, Elise put aside the bucket she used and followed the other girls who haad begun to walk away. After the bath, they received new clothes which were also tattered down. However, now the mud and grim allover Elise's body were wiped clean, bringing back her adorable face to the light. Her red hair also glittered back to its original color.

A few minutes after, they came back to their previous cell and everyone slumped back near the wall, most of them now leaned forward to the iron bars as it was warmer than the inner cells.

The baths were very cold, commented Elise in her heart. With only a heavy dress with holes and nothing to protect her limbs, her body had been shuddering from the passing wind that blew from the outer corridors.

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