The S-Classes That I Raised

The S-Classes That I Raised
The S-Classes That I Raised
Korean Novel

The S-Classes That I Raised

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An F-Class Hunter. And on top of that, a F-class older brother who can’t even begin to catch up to the heels of his amazing S-class little brother. After living a life that fell to pieces and even destroying my little brother’s life, I got another chance by regressing 5 years back. I picked up the resolution: This time, instead of making those mistakes, I will quietly live my life leisurely . Is what I thought… but the S-Ranks are all kind of… weird and for some reason I can’t seem to be able to get away at all?


“... Hyung, are you okay?”

That guy said. His side was ripped open and his guts were spilling out, and he was asking if I was ok.

He was on the verge of death yet his face was only a little pale. His calm look annoyed me. I sat on the floor and looked up at my brother without saying anything.

He was always interfering with my work. He was better than the dirty me, so people had always told me to stay put and behave, to not hold onto his thigh. They weren’t wrong to say that because eventually I had broken this big and reliable thigh.


“......Why are you here?”

A blunt voice came out of my mouth on this old subject.

Why did you come to such a shit place for someone you don’t even know?


I pulled out a dagger and made a long cut on my forearm. Blood leaked out of the cut and formed a dark red spear. Dazzling black flames flowed from the tip of the spear and wound around the shaft.


Lauchitas, who had previously looked down on my and ignored me, raised all three of its heads at the same time. Its hackles rose, wary at the sight of the spear that had taken its eyes. Its mouth opened, showing the rows of serrated teeth that lay within.

If it were the original me, I would have long collapsed under its pressure before I could even meet its eyes. But now I couldn’t even feel the slightest bit of tension.

I was sure. It was weaker than me.

“C’mon, you fucking lizard.’


It cried as if in answer. The entire area was shaken by the roar that was full of life. The three heads of the red giant completely rose off the ground. There were no wings. Instead it had a sleek body that wore awful curses all over it, like a leopard’s spotted coat. Its long tail were full of speckled and patterned swirls, along with a set of thorns.


<My Younger Brother is Strange (1)>

I was sitting on a bed and not on a dragon’s body. The scent of blood was also gone. The clothes I had been wearing were different too.

‘......Have I really gone back in time?’

First of all, I could not open the status window. I didn’t have my inventory either. Five years ago, I still had yet to be Awakened.

‘Yuhyun, that kid, was already a popular guild leader.’

Haeyeon Guild (垓埏). It was the guild that would become the best in both Korea and the world after five years of rapid development with a small number of elite members.

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